The history of the factory begun in the years prior to the Second World War, when the Romania State decided to build an armament factory.
In 1936, the Ministry of Army Endowment appointed a German firm to design and build a factory for the manufacturing of smokeless block propellants.
A year later, a royal decree established the location and legal statute for the construction to begin, but the activities were stopped in 1942, due to the war.
Decree no 2849, dated August 23, 1949, named the factory “Fabricile Ucea” and construction resumed.
The initial range of products comprised only specialty products, but, in time, new chemical products were assimilated. In 1991 the Government decided to separate the specialty products plant from the rest of the factory and transformed it into a subsidiary of R.A. Rompiro Fagaras.
Now, the name of the specialty products plant is S.C PIROCHIM VICTORIA S.A. and is a subsidiary of CN. ROMARM S.A.

ADDRESS: Aleea Uzinei, Nr. 8 bis, Victoria, Jud. Brasov, zip code 505700

PHONE: 0268 242 993


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