On 5th November 1938, it was founded the Mija Chemical and Mechanical Romanian Enterprise, in an economic and political context which imposed major changes in the Romanian industry.
Among its founders, there was prof. Elie Carafoli, an aircraft engineer, member of the Romanian Academy and considered one of the pioneers in aerodynamics.

The plant profile was mainly focused on manufacturing of aircraft bombs weighting 50 Kg, 100Kg and 225 Kg, antitank mines boards for aircraft, machine guns, smoke equipment¬, all for army necessities. The technological possibilities provided the opportunity to achieve specific products of machine construction, so the plant produces both for military and civilian purposes.

Since 2001, Mija Mechanical Plant functions as a subsidiary of the National Company ROMARM

ADDRESS: Sos. Ploiesti-Targoviste, DN 72, com. I.L. Caragiale, Mija, jud Dambovita, zip code 137255

PHONE: +4 0245.207.407