Established in 1939, the factory functioned, since the very beginning, as an infantry ammunition manufacturer. After the World War II, it was started the production of “East” type calibers, the factory becoming in short time a prominent part of the defense industry and a well recognized producer, highly appreciated on both domestic and external markets.

In the early ’70s, new facilities have been built (Sadu II), intended to serve the production of infantry weapons (mostly Kalashnikov), primers and initiation devices for various Romanian munitions and systems, and a wide range of detonators, for mining industry and military applications as well.

After 1989, due to the new Romanian policy oriented towards the integration in the Euro¬-Atlantic structures, the factory entered an important restructuring process. Also, by major investments in the military production field, consisting of acquisitions of brand new automatic machines, the production capacity improved and there was a diversification in the products range with NATO specific calibers.

Since 2002, Uzina Mecanica Sadu is registered as a subsidiary of the National Comapany ROMARM.

ADDRESS: Bumbesti Jiu, Str. Parangului, No. 59, Jud. Gorj, zip code 215100

PHONE: +4 0253.463.868