Ammunition calibre 122 mm with explosive projectile and complete charge with RGM-2 or V-429 fuze for the howitzer D-30

Howitzer type                                                  D-30

Caliber                                                            122 mm

Ammunition type                                            non – coupled

Maximum range                                              15 290 m

Type projectile                                                HE

Weight of explosion charge (TNT)                   3.5 kg

Projectile weight with fuze                             21.760 kg

Projectile height, with fuze max.                    564.6 mm

Type propelling charge                                   complete

Propelling charge weight                               ~3.8 kg

Muzzle velocity                                               690 m/s

Average maximum pressure                           2500 Kgf/cm2

Cartridge tube height                                        447 mm

Fuze type                                                          RGM-2

Operating mode  fuze                                      point detonating


Packaging  projectile and charge                     2 pieces ammunition in wooden case –with maximum dimension: 1193 x 434 x250mm

Gross weight case of projectile and charge         83Kgs



Packaging fuzes

fuzes are delivered separately:  64 pieces in 4 metal boxes  in  wooden case with size: 522x500x171mm.

Gross weight of fuze                                     43 kg