Being specialists in the design and production of weapons and ammunition, ROMARM works closely with Governments and organizations in all aspects of demilitarization, disarmament and security of weapons and ammunition throughout the world. Our demilitarization capability has special facilities for the disposal of conventional MoD ammunition (excluding biological or nuclear).

ROMARM offers demilitarization services for the following categories of products:

  • combat armored vehicles on wheels and on tracks;
  • various types of weapons of all calibers;
  • small caliber ammunition 5.45-14.5mm;
  • ammunition and projectiles ranging from 20mm up to 203mm;
  • bombs from 60mm up to 240mm;
  • aviation bombs;
  • anti-tank mines;
  • naval ammunition (torpedoes and mines);
  • reactive projectiles and rockets of any caliber.

We can also provide:

  • waste incineration;
  • reverse engineering;
  • sorting and salvage;
  • disposal of ammunition, primarily propellant, primers and fuses;
  • open burning including cage burning;
  • open detonation of ammunition and explosives (only used in specific circumstances).