Mortar Bombs

Illumination bomb – 60 mm

60mm Illumination bomb with T-1-TH-MB-18 fuze.
The 60 mm illuminating bomb is designed to illuminate the target at night or under low visibility conditions.
Length with fuze T-1 (without cuff protection) 359,66…365,2mm
Weight (with fuze, w/out increments): 1,83 kg
Propulsion system: 1 prime charge + 3 increments
Muzzle velocity: 220 ± 3 m/s (max.)
Fuze: time fuze T-1
Maximum range 2800 m
Illum, intensity min. 200 000 cd.
Illum, burn time min 25 s
Stabilized descent speed max. 4,5 m/s