On wheels

Vehicul blindat 8×8 SAUR 1


Visual type 8×8, wheeled amphibious vehicle

Hull Armoured, sealed

Crew access – Access doors; 2 in the rear side of the vehicle

- Access hatches – 4, driver, commander and crew

Protection level Level 1 (STANAG 4569)

Crew 11, including driver, commander and gunner

Maximum speed

- on road 100km/h

- on water 10 km/h

Maximum gradient 30 degrees

Side slope 17 degrees

Minimum range

on the road min 600km

Main dimensions

- Length 7800mm

- Width 2800mm

- Height 2200mm (without turret)

- Ground clearance 450mm

- Axle base 4400mm

- Wheel track 2460mm

- Angle of 40/30 degrees


Vertical obstacle 0.5m

Trench crossing 1.5m

Min. turning radius 13200mm

G.V.W. 13500kg

Power to weight ratio 21.1 hp/t