Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation Bucharest

The Bucharest Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation was founded in 2022, with the objective of carrying out research activities in the field of ammunition manufacturing and military technology, according to the regulations in force. 

CECDI Bucharest intends to be a pole of excellence in the development of the national defense industry sector. The Centre's mission is to carry out fundamental, applied and technological development scientific research in a niche area of the defense industry, "Manufacture of armaments and ammunition - CAEN 2540", but also in secondary areas of an industrial and commercial nature consisting of the manufacture, research, design, marketing, maintenance and demilitarization of armaments, ammunition and military technology. Other R&D-related activities will also be carried out, such as the provision of technology transfer services, consultancy, know-how, dissemination of research results through publications or scientific events and the execution of innovation and experimental development activities.

Address: 5B Timișoara Blvd, 6th district, Bucharest

C.N. ROMARM S.A. is composed of 16 subsidiaries.