Arsenal Reșița

Arsenal Reșița was established in 1972 to produce large and medium caliber cannons.


Founded in 1922 as "Machinery and Foundry Factory Dumitru Voina".

Electromecanica Ploiești

In 1955, the anti-aircraft armament and artillery repair shop was established.

Făgăraș powders Factory

1939 is the year of the launch of powder production and high explosives at Făgăraș.

Cugir Arms Factory

In 1799, the first steelmaking workshops were founded in Cugir...


In 1923 a Romanian-Austrian company was founded in Brașov to manufacture copper wire, sheets and cables for engines...

Moreni Automechanical Plant

Founded in 1968, it is the only factory in Romania producing armoured transporters.

Pirochim Victoria

The history of the factory began before World War II, when the Romanian state decided to build an armaments factory.

Plopeni Mechanical Plant

The plant was founded in 1937 - production of ammunition and war artillery.


The Tohan factory was founded in 1938 as part of the Malaxa Industrial Group, one of the most important companies of the interwar period.

Mija Mechanical Plant

On 5 November 1938, the Mija Chemical and Mechanical Enterprise was founded in an economic context...

Sadu Mechanical Plant

Founded in 1939, the Sadu Mechanical Plant operated, from the beginning, as an infantry ammunition factory.

Bucharest Mechanical Factory

It was established in 1978 as an auxiliary plant of the "23 August" Bucharest Factory...

Cugir Mechanical Plant

The history of the plant dates back to 1799, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when steelmaking workshops were built in Cugir.

Dragomirești Special Products Factory

UPS Dragomirești was established in 1981. Since 2001 it is a subsidiary of the National Company ROMARM

Branch "Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation" Bucharest

"Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation" Bucharest was established in 2022 as a branch of the National Company ROMARM. The Centre's objective is to carry out scientific research...