The existing products in the ROMARM stock can be delivered immediately after fulfilling the commercial conditions.

Current numberProductQuantityYear of manufacture
19x19mm Parabellum Pistol5502002
29x19mm Sub-machinegun2002001
330mm round explosive inert tracer AK2304122007
423x115mm TP round7.0002011
5100mm Armour Piercing round (Arrow)72014-2016
6ZV-7G pyrotechnical retarder3.5002009
7Synthetic Camphor (kg)4.3001990
8S-5K unguided reactive projectile with V-5K fuze13.0731975-1980
9S-5M unguided reactive projectile with V-5M fuze11.6801975-1980
10PKMS tripod assembly3002018
119mm gas pistol652003-2004
1226mm signal pistol261992
137.62x39mm R 94 rifle1002004-2007
14AG40 under-barrel grenade launcher caliber 40mm2151980-1999
157.62x39mm WUM1 rifle451997
16Cartridges caliber 7.62x39mm, brass case, steel core bullet32.4002020 – 2021
17Cartridges caliber 7.62x39mm, steel case, steel core bullet240.100 1.000.0002019 2023
18Cartridges caliber 7.62x39mm, tracer668.000 164.000 20.0001972 – 1975 2011 2018
19Cartușe calibru 7,62x39mm, glonț de manevră480.0002005 – 2009
20Cartridges caliber 7.62x54mm, steel case, steel core bullet85.0002002 – 2014
21Cartridges caliber 7.62x54mm, lead core bullet, FMJ116.0002020
22Cartridges caliber 5.54x39mm, blanks65.0002009 – 2012
23F-1 defensive grenade with FGM fuze10.0002022
24RG-42 offensive grenade with FGM fuze10.0002022
259x18mm Makarov cartridges230.0002010-2012
267.65x17mm cartridges47.5002008-2015
277.65x17mm cartridges54.8432007-2018
287.65x17mm cartridges29.4382019
297.65x17mm cartridges22.0002007 – 2008
30Cartridges caliber 7.62x39mm, lead core bullet, FMJ100.0002021
31OG-7 40 mm Round3002022