Romanian Army Day celebrated by ROMARM

The Romanian Army is one of the core institutions of the Romanian state, which has a high level of trust and respect from the citizens, and this week is a special one because on 25th October 2021 we celebrate Army Day, a day that should be embedded in the heart of every Romanian.


On 25th October 1944, the Romanian Army liberated the last Romanian town from foreign occupation - the city of Carei. Once Carei was liberated, the major objective of the moment of the turning of the guns on 23 August 1944 was achieved, namely the liberation of the entire territory from German-Hungarian occupation and the cancellation of the results of the Vienna Dictate of 30 August 1940.

25 October is, therefore, one of the most important national anniversaries on which the Romanian people pay honor to their army, its heroic actions and humanity and honor all those who have honored or honor the military uniform with the emblem of the Romanian state or are serving the Country and its values, which make Romania a committed and respected nation in NATO and EU.


Due to the pandemic background, state institutions honored the Romanian Army Day in a limited setting and the military ceremonies respected all the mandatory health protocols.

ROMARM stands by the the Romanian Army and shares the same objectives, namely guaranteeing the security and territorial integrity of Romania.

Happy anniversary Romanian Army!