Tohan Mechanical Plant

The Tohan factory was founded in 1938 as part of the Malaxa Industrial Group, one of the most important companies of the interwar period. Between 1949 and 1990, the factory was called "Uzina 6 Martie Zărnești", and in 1990 it changed its name to Tohan Mechanical Plant.

Tohan produce some of most demanded military products, such as: 122 mm rockets (associated warheads and fuses). artillery ammunition (different types of 122 mm illuminating rounds and 122 mm HE rounds), illuminating bombs and fuzes for illuminating bombs, smoke and masking smoke bombs, grenades and different types of pyrotechnic elements.

In addition, the company performs operations of disruption, delaboration and destruction of the following components: artillery ammunition, reactive ammunition, ammunition with illumination bomb, explosive bombs, warheads, torches, ignition devices, SPA port prime screw and electrical prime.

Since 2001, Tohan Mechanical Plant is a subsidiary of ROMARM National Company.

C.N. ROMARM S.A. is composed of 16 subsidiaries.