The existing products in the ROMARM stock can be delivered immediately after fulfilling the commercial conditions.

Current numberProductQuantityYear of manufacture
112.7x108mm DShKM machinegun on T111 mount4002021
214.5x114mm machinegun on T119 mount1002021
39x19mm Parabellum Pistol5502002
49x19mm Sub-machinegun2002001
514.5x114mm API-T cartridges20.0002014
630mm round explosive inert tracer AK2304122007
723x115mm TP round7.0002011
8100mm Armour Piercing round (Arrow)72014-2016
9ZV-7G pyrotechnical retarder3.5002009
10T-1 fuze1.7002016
11T-1 fuze4092017
12T-1 fuze1.6932018
13Synthetic Camphor (kg)5.5001990
14S-5K unguided reactive projectile with V-5K fuze14.3631975-1980
15S-5M unguided reactive projectile with V-5M fuze11.7131975-1980
1640mm AG-7V antitank grenades launcher2002019
1773mm AG-9 antitank grenades launcher102019
18M-6R fuze5.0002019
19UB-2M fuze5.0002019
20U6M fuze3.0001991
21V5-M1 fuze for 55mm projectile5.4951991
22PKMS tripod assembly6002018
239mm gas pistol652003-2004
2426mm signal pistol2931992
257.62x39mm R 94 rifle1002004-2007
2640mm underbarrel grenade launcher AG402151980-1999
277.62x39mm WUM1 rifle451997
289x18mm Makarov cartridges233.1322010-2012
297.65x17mm cartridges47.5512008-2015