ROMARM researches, designs, manufactures and homologates armored vehicles, battle tanks and specialized components for land military vehicles. The main products include wheeled, armored and tactical combat vehicles; main battle tanks; infantry fighting vehicles; heavy equipment conveyors; mobile bridge systems and related components.

ROMARM is the only manufacturer of such equipment in the country and implicitly the only company that can ensure the maintenance of products in this category, with highly qualified and experienced staff in the design, production and maintenance of tracked armored equipment.

  • Tank TR-85-M1
  • Mine dredger DMT-85-M1
  • Mobile bridge PMA-85

Armored personnel carriers are manufactured to transport troops in high-risk areas of the battlefield, providing increased protection and allowing the safe deployment of troops. All carriers manufactured by ROMARM are amphibious and can be built in different configurations, according to the end user's specifications, both for military use (Ministries of Defense and Ministries of Interior) and for civilian use (ambulances, special intervention vehicles, etc.). , with different levels of protection.

  • Armored amphibious transporter 8x8 SAUR 2
  • AM 7.0 anti-riot armored vehicle

Infantry weapons and ammunition

Romarm produces a wide range of weapons and ammunition for infantry, NATO calibers from 5.56x45mm to 12.7x99mm and Eastern calibers from 5.45x39mm to 14.5x114mm and also different types of hand grenades and for the under-barrel launcher. The ammunition is manufactured in different constructive variants, namely: Ball, piercing, piercing-incendiary, tracer, etc.


Romarm has assimilated in production and offers NATO caliber weapons and ammunition of different types

  • 5,56x45mm
  • 7,62x51mm
  • 9x19mm
  • 12,7x99mm


A wide range of Eastern Caliber weapons and ammunition is mainly intended for export to traditional markets.

  • 5,45x39mm
  • 7,62x39mm
  • 7,62x54mm
  • 7,65x17mm
  • 7,92x57mm
  • 12,7x108mm
  • 14,5x114mm


ROMARM produces military hand grenades and grenades for maintaining public order

  • Grenade for the under-barrel launcher
  • Hand grenades
  • Smoke grenades 76mm

Medium and large caliber weapons and ammunition

Medium and large caliber ammunition produced by Romarm are intended for use either by aircraft-mounted on-board cannons or by naval cannons and naval installations, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortar systems, field cannons and howitzers. Romarm produces the entire range of ammunition from 20mm to 152mm

CALIBER 20 - 35mm

Romarm produces medium caliber ammunition, in different variants, for the on-board cannons mounted on airplanes, naval cannons, naval installations and various anti-aircraft systems that can be mounted on armored vehicles

  • 20x102mm
  • 23x115mm
  • 25x137Mm
  • 30x165mm
  • 35X228mm

Anti-tank weapons and ammunition

Anti-tank grenade launchers and their extensive range of ammunition are intended to destroy enemy tanks and armored vehicles.

  • 40mm
  • 73mm


They are mainly used to destroy the enemy's sheltered or unprotected firearms, command posts or to make passages through minefields.

  • 60mm
  • 81/82mm
  • 120mm

Artillery ammunition

Large-caliber ammunition produced by Romarm in various variants are intended for tank cannons, anti-tank guns, field guns and howitzers

  • 100mm
  • 122mm
  • 130mm
  • 152mm

Rockets and projectiles

The range of rockets and missiles offered by Romarm is intended for the military sector, including 122mm missiles, guided and unguided missiles, products for training and shooting with infrared and radar guided missiles, as well as for civilian, missiles and systems of anti-hail missiles

122mm missiles

The 122mm caliber missiles with normal or extended range are intended for the destruction or annihilation of the enemy's concentrated targets

Guided and unguided missiles

Can be launched from ground launching systems or mounted on aircraft and helicopters and are used against combat vehicles, anti-aircraft artillery, armored vehicles, missile systems and radars

Anti-hail systems and missiles

Intended for the civilian sector, anti-hail systems and missiles protect crops by preventing hail.

Infrared flares and parachute targets

Products used for training and real shooting with IR-guided anti-aircraft means and radar

Powders and explosives

Powders and explosives manufactured by Romarm have mainly a military destination, being used for the production of various types of ammunition but are also used in the civilian sector for demolition, mining or unconventional technologies that use explosives

Powders and explosives

  • HITEX-M plastic explosive
  • RDX
  • Desynthesized RDX


The range of components and accessories produced by ROMARM includes warheads for different rounds,magazines, link belts and linking devices for different calibers ammunition, brass case cups, brass plates and ammunition cases as well as protection tubes for large caliber ammunition.


Romarm produces fuzes with different types of operation designed to equip rounds with a caliber between 60 and 152mm

Magazines, link belts, linking devices

We offer magazines, link belts and manual linking devices in belts for different calibers weapons

Electronic countermeasures

Intended for use on MIG-21 Lancer, IAR-99 Soim and IAR-330H aircraft

26mm signaling cartridges

Reactive signaling cartridges are used for signaling and warning in daylight and lighting in night conditions

Brass case cups and plates for ammunition

Romarm produces brass case cups for tubes and cartridges as well as brass plates for artillery rounds

Artillery ammunition cardboard tubes

Used to protect mortar or artillery strikes of various calibers

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