armored vehicles

ROMARM researches, designs, manufactures and homologates armored vehicles, battle tanks and specialized components for land military vehicles. The main products include wheeled, armored and tactical combat vehicles; main battle tanks; infantry fighting vehicles; heavy equipment conveyors; mobile bridge systems and related components.

Armored vehicles on tracks

ROMARM is the only manufacturer of such equipment in the country and implicitly the only company that can ensure the maintenance of products in this category, with highly qualified and experienced staff in the design, production and maintenance of tracked armored equipment.

  • Tank TR-85-M1
  • Mine dredger DMT-85-M1
  • Mobile bridge PMA-85



Currently used by the Romanian Ministry of Defense, the tank TR-85-M1 is the main battle tank of Romania, completely designed and manufactured within the ROMARM branches. It has undergone an extensive modernization program aimed to ensure interoperability with NATO technology. Improvements have been made to the fire control system, mobility, protection, communication and night vision systems.

Mine dredger


Built on the TR-85 tank chassis, the Mine dredger can cover an area of about 4 meters. It is equipped with a remote-controlled turret with a thermal chamber. The weapon can vary, depending on customer needs, both NATO caliber and EST caliber.

Mobile bridge


Built on the chassis of the TR-85 tank, the mobile assault bridge is developed to cover around 22m, on a width of 3.5m. Use a pair of scissors. It houses a crew of 2 people and has a built-in 7.62 mm machine gun.

Armored vehicles on wheels

Armored personnel carriers are manufactured to transport troops in high-risk areas of the battlefield, providing increased protection and allowing the safe deployment of troops. All carriers manufactured by ROMARM are amphibious and can be built in different configurations, according to the end user's specifications, both for military use (Ministries of Defense and Ministries of Interior) and for civilian use (ambulances, special intervention vehicles, etc.). , with different levels of protection.

  • Armored amphibious transporter 8x8 SAUR 2
  • AM 7.0 anti-riot armored vehicle

Armored amphibious transporter 8x8


„SAUR 2” is the second generation of armored personnel carriers developed by ROMARM, being able to transport a crew of up to 3 people and a number of 8 soldiers. The system has been tested and approved by the Romanian Army and is a reliable, amphibious vehicle, with great mobility on the ground, being able to perform a multitude of roles. Variant:

  • Command post
  • Logistics vehicle
  • Recovery vehicle
  • Tank hunter
  • Vehicle equipped with a 120 mm caliber mortar.

AM 7.0 anti-riot armored vehicle

AM 7.0

The vehicle produced in ROMARM factories has an impressive intervention capacity and also a great potential for long-term use (future upgrades). It also has the capacity and potential to be used in theaters of external operations