Anniversary event - 85 years of Romanian Continuity and Performance

Plopeni Mechanical Plant celebrated 85 years of Romanian continuity and performance in the field of armament production.

Founded in 1937 under the name of the Mărgineanca Factory, the facility has served the production of ammunition and war artillery over the years. Artillery ammunition, grenade launchers, installations for creating minefield corridors, submunitions for long-range rounds, various pyrotechnic systems for markets in the United States, the European Union and Asia were produced here.
In 2000, after a series of reorganizations and re-brandings, the Plopeni Mechanical Plant received legal personality and became a subsidiary of the National Company ROMARM.

30 mm round for naval installations AK 306 and AK 630, model type:


Made In Plopeni Mechanical Plant

Plopeni Mechanical Plant remains an economic operator with tradition and experience in the manufacture of artillery ammunition, having as its main activity the manufacture of armament and ammunition.
From the very beginning of its activity until today, Plopeni Mechanical Plant has assimilated and manufactured a wide range of artillery ammunition of 23 - 152 mm caliber intended to meet the requirements of the National Defense System forces and external customers.

Progress and innovation in the defense industry

The company is currently conducting several research projects guided by ROMARM and implemented in partnership with Research and Innovation Center for Navy and UEFISCIDI. The research projects are running according to The National Research – Development and Innovation Plan (NRDIP).
As part of the research-design-manufacturing programme carried out by Plopeni Mechanical Plant, procedures have been started for the assimilation into manufacturing of special products intended for the defence industry that comply with NATO standards and are in line with European norms specific to the military field. In addition, the company has started a wide-ranging programme for the development of applied research, industrial development and technology transfer in the following areas: production of forged, die-forged, extruded and rolled products; design and manufacture of tools, devices and testers (tools for mechanical machining by chipping, but also for hot and cold plastic deformation). It is also foreseen to ensure a portfolio of orders and contracts covering the production capacities, to increase the sales of special products that will ensure a significant volume of contracts in the medium and long term and to extend the collaborations in the field of supply of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies to the subsidiaries of the National Company Romarm S.A.

One of the ongoing projects involves the development of industrial-scale manufacturing capacity for thermal countermeasure ammunition (FLARE), in order to ensure the Romanian Air Force's equipment needs (training, supplies) and for external contractors.

The main priority of Plopeni Mechanical Plant remains the manufacture of high-performance military products and the delivery of premium military technical services to meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Transparent organizational culture and strategic value

Plopeni Mechanical Plant promotes an open corporate culture with a emphasis on security and stability of the organization and pays special attention to employee satisfaction and working atmosphere. In this regard we would like to thank the team and management thanks to whom the company has achieved very good results

In the current circumstances, it is acknowledged that the national defense industry is a strategic sector, both in terms of national security, and for the Romanian economy.