ROMARM National Company and its subsidiaries showcased the most interesting military equipment at the BLACK SEA DEFENSE AEROSPACE AND SECURITY exhibition

ROMARM participated in the eighth edition of BSDA 2022 with NATO compatible equipment and ammunition

ROMARM Company attended as main sponsor the 8th edition of Black Sea Defense Aerospace (BSDA) 2022, in Bucharest, which lasted 3 days, May 18 - 20. As you know, BSDA is Eastern Europe's largest international military exhibition dedicated to the aerospace, defence, national security and private security industries.

This year's BSDA edition brought together prestigious companies from the country and abroad, organized in 3 specially arranged hangars, where demonstration and equipment testing activities also took place. More than 300 representatives of the authorities, Romanian and foreign officials attended the official opening, a moment marked by the presence of the Minister of National Defence Vasile Dîncu, together with the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Transport, the two chairmen of the Defence Committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, numerous parliamentarians, secretaries of state and prefects.

Representing the Romanian defence industry, the ROMARM stand was visited by Vasile Dîncu, Minister of National Defence, Florin Spătaru, Minister of Economy, Daniela Nicolescu, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economy and senior officials from the Romanian Army, such as Major General Iulian Berdilă, Chief of Staff of the Land Forces..

ROMARM showcased solutions dedicated to the defence industry compatible with NATO devices

With a long experience in the Romanian defense industry, ROMARM presented the most interesting artillery ammunition and combat weapons manufactured by its subsidiaries.

The stand dedicated to weapons attracted the most visitors, as they could be tested, and those interested received the most detailed technical information directly from the specialists of the Cugir Weapons Factory or the Cugir Mechanical Plant, the manufacturing subsidiaries.

The weapons on display were mainly targeted at the military, such as the assault rifle, the semi-automatic rifle, the AKM assault rifle, the sniper rifle, the tripod machine gun, the light machine gun or the 14.5×114 mm machine gun on a T119 multi-purpose mount, but there were also some items dedicated to the civilian market, such as pistols or semi-automatic rifles.

Products developed by the Carfil subsidiary were exhibited in a wide variety of calibers, from thermobaric round, antitank grenade launcher AG-7 DS, HE mortar steel bomb with impact SQ fuze Junghans, to launcher systems such as Comando, AG-7DS or Multiple launcher with fire control system “Hydra”.

Customers interested in artillery ammunition and related accessories could see the most wanted NATO or EST cartridges, Brass cups for various calibers dedicated to infantry ammunition, grenades, fuze parts with programmer, offensive hand grenade, fuzes for hand grenades or even PRN rockets, made by Mechanical Plant Sadu, Mechanical Plant Mija, Tohan, Metrom, UPS Dragomirești, Mechanical Plant Plopeni and Electromecanica Ploiesti.

Printre noutățile absolute au fost prezentate câteva produse recent omologate sau în curs de omologare, create de echipa de cercetare ROMARM – Uzina Mecanică Plopeni și Uzina Mecanică Mija. The FLARE ammunition, the thermobaric round for RPG-9 or the 30 mm caliber round with armor piercing projectile for AK306 / AK630 naval installations are some of the new products developed as a result of research projects.

At such a large event, the exhibition also took place outdoor, where the Saur 2 armored transporter and the AM 7.0 M utility vehicle produced at the Moreni Automechanical Plant were displayed.

The emphasis of the BSDA exhibition for defense industry stakeholders

The BSDA exhibition is an excellent platform for Romanian companies to enter into partnerships that facilitate the transfer of technology and know-how from the national defense and security industry, which is why the event managed to bring together over 300 companies from the global defense, aerospace and security industry from 32 countries.

We believe that this year's event was a success, and ROMARM represented the Romanian defense industry with great distinction, as the ROMARM stand managed to highlight the potential of the local industry. 

We would like to thank the subsidiaries for their support and the dedicated team, who, beyond their professionalism, showed their endurance and impeccable attendance throughout the 3 days.

About the BSDA event organizer

BSDA 2022, the largest exhibition event in the Black Sea region dedicated to the defense industry, is organized by TNT Productions Romania, with the support of The Romanian Government and the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest..