Electromecanica Ploiești

In 1955, on the Otopeni platform, the repair, armament and anti-aircraft artillery workshop was established. In the years that followed, the workshop developed several products and services, including the manufacture and repair of missiles. In the 1980s, Electromecanica Ploiești was the only missile manufacturer in Romania.

Din 2001, Electromecanica Ploiești este filială a Companiei Naționale ROMARM.

The production of Electromecanica Ploiești factory is focused on armored, genius and artillery rocket technology. The equipment is mainly military, such as anti-tank missiles, air-to-ground missiles, radio-controlled AA missiles, and partly civil, such as anti-hail missiles.

C.N. ROMARM S.A. is composed of 16 subsidiaries.