Cugir Arms Factory

The history of the plant dates back to 1799, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when the first steelmaking workshops were founded in Cugir, one of the first metallurgical plants in Transylvania.

Expansion of the plant began in 1926 with the construction of new production lines. The war led to the militarization of the factory, which at the time was run by specialists in the production of modern weapons. Parts and assemblies for artillery technology were produced in collaboration with the London company "Vickers Armstrong Ltd.". The takeover by the Czechoslovak company "Zbrojowka-Brno" led to a redesign of production for infantry weapons and ammunition based on documentary licenses. During the Second World War, the shares of the plant are taken over by the German concern "Herman Goring".

The Cugir factories produced the first Romanian machine gun - Parabellum, type "Orita", caliber 9mm.

In 2004, Cugir Mechanical Plant was split from Cugir Arms Factory, which is also a subsidiary of ROMARM National Company.

C.N. ROMARM S.A. is composed of 16 subsidiaries.