Pirochim Victoria

The history of the factory began before the Second World War, when the Romanian state decided to build an arms factory. In 1936, the Ministry of Armaments appointed a German firm to design and build a factory for the production of smokeless powder. A year later, a royal decree established the location and legal status for the start of work, which was halted in 1942 because of the war.

Decree no. 2849 of 23 August 1949 names the platform Ucea Factories and after that the works restarted.

Initially, only special products were made, but over time new chemicals were assimilated. In 1991, the government decided to separate the special products from the rest of the plant and turned this part into a subsidiary of Rompiro Făgăraș.

Today, the special products factory is called Pirochim Victoria and is a subsidiary of the National Company ROMARM.

C.N. ROMARM S.A. is composed of 16 subsidiaries.