Mija Mechanical Plant

On 5 November 1938, the Mija Chemical and Mechanical Enterprise was founded, in an economic and political context that imposed major changes in Romanian industry.

Among the founders was Prof. Dr. Elie Carafoli, aviation engineer, member of the Romanian Academy, considered to be among the first pioneers in aerodynamics.

The profile of the factory was mainly directed towards the production of 50kg, 100kg and 225kg aviation bombs, anti-tank mine plates for aircraft, weapons, smoke ejection, all for military purposes. Technological possibilities provided the opportunity to develop different products and mechanical constructions, so the plant offers both military and civilian solutions.

Since 2001, Mija Mechanical Plant operates as a subsidiary of the National Company ROMARM.

Mija Mechanical Plant manufactures products for military use, such as anti-tank rounds, explosive rounds, military grenades and products for maintaining public order, such as acoustic grenades or smoke grenades.

Mija Mechanical Plant provides delaboration and dismantling services for:

  • anti-tank rounds
  • offensive, defensive, multifunctional, tear-irritant grenades
  • CC38-FL 38 mm tear-irritant cartridges
  • 26 mm calibre reactive signal cartridges
  • 26 mm calibre reactive illuminating cartridges

Demilitarisation services can also be carried out safely at the Mija plant for the following categories:

  • infantry armament
  • armored personnel carriers
  • artillery weapons
  • tanks
  • anti-aircraft machine guns

C.N. ROMARM S.A. is composed of 16 subsidiaries.