The new ROMARM subsidiary - "Centre of excellence in research, development and innovation" Bucharest

The new " Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation" Bucharest

In the defence industry, innovation and research are two aspects that need to be pursued in order to be competitive and fulfill supply versus demand.
In recent years, the ROMARM National Company has subsidized several research programs, which have resulted in the approval of ammunition developed by ROMARM specialists. This new field of activity required the establishment of a research centre, which materialized during October 2022; thus was created CN ROMARM SA - Branch "Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation" Bucharest (CECDI Bucharest).
"Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation" is an administrative structure within ROMARM National Company, which acts in accordance with the legal regulations and can carry out the following activities:

  • technical testing and analysis activities
  • research and development in other natural sciences and engineering
  • market research and public opinion polling activities
  • professional, scientific and technical activities.

The objectives of the Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation

CECDI Bucharest intends to be a pole of excellence in the development of the national defense industry sector. The Centre's mission is to carry out fundamental, applied and technological development scientific research in a niche area of the defense industry, "Manufacture of armaments and ammunition - CAEN 2540", but also in secondary areas of an industrial and commercial nature consisting of the manufacture, research, design, marketing, maintenance and demilitarization of armaments, ammunition and military technology. Other R&D-related activities will also be carried out, such as the provision of technology transfer services, consultancy, know-how, dissemination of research results through publications or scientific events and the execution of innovation and experimental development activities.

The mission of the Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation

The mission of the Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation is centered on the active involvement in scientific endeavours at regional and national level, with notable results, which will give CEECDI, as well as the National Company ROMARM SA, visibility and international recognition in the field of ammunition manufacturing and military technology in the defence industry, by involving its own specialists, by polarizing research interest from outside and by attracting young graduates with military or civilian higher education in specific activities organized or executed within the centre.

Innovative research projects

CECDI conducts fundamental research and development and applied, industrial research and development, including experimental development, testing or technological development activities in accordance with the regulations in force. Scientific research activities are aimed at:

  • development, diversification and exploitation of interdisciplinary scientific concerns in strategic areas of priority for the institution, for the benefit of the national security and defence system and the economic, social, national and regional sector, with a bearing on the defence industry;
  • developing the capabilities of ROMARM specialists and their subsidiaries to carry out applied research in an efficient way, contributing to the development of scientific research, through creation and innovation, respectively creating and maintaining a culture oriented in this sense among the collaborators of CN ROMARM SA;
  • development of an academic community oriented towards research and development and building of multidisciplinary research clusters in the field of defence industry, by developing and equipping ROMARM subsidiaries' laboratories at a high level, able to allow the integration of the teams in national and international research projects.
Developing high-performance munitions

By the time of the establishment of the Centre, ROMARM has approved several ammunitions obtained through various research projects carried out between 2015 and 2022. The establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation as a ROMARM branch is in fact a reaffirmation of the commitment to research activities, which will be continued during the coming years. The military specialists and technicians in the research team are planning 3 further research projects, to be completed in 2024. The projects are aimed at developing the following products of interest to the Romanian Army and external partners:

  • 30X165 mm ammunition with armour piercing projectile for naval artillery installations
  • low toxicity irritant-lachrymatory ammunition for combating public disorder
  • Low environmental impact composite fuel for unguided propulsion systems
  • EFP/TB tandem reactive shot for hand-held launchers
  • 120 mm calibre multi-effects launcher bomb with LASER guidance.

All military products made by CECDI Bucharest meet a market demand. The completed munitions have already been patented and are to be traded nationally, in Europe and internationally.
CN ROMARM SA - Branch "Centre of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation" Bucharest facilitates the transition to a high-performance defence industry, and through scientific research contributes to the development of knowledge and scientific progress in the assumed field.