ROMARM supports NATO as industry defense representative at ACT - NIAG conference

Conference of defence industry representatives organized by the NATO - ACT Industry Advisory Group

ROMARM delegates attended the conference organised by the NATO Industry Advisory Group - ACT at the end of April, reiterating their support and common interests as an integral part of the Alliance's instrument of power through its defence industrial capability.


ACT-NIAG framework: Strengthening interdependence between NATO and the Industry

Considered the "voice of industry" for the Alliance, the NATO Industry Advisory Group provides Allied Command Transformation with an integral part of the Alliance's instrument of power through its defense industrial base.

The NATO Industry Advisory Group, called NIAG, met at NATO Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia on April 28, 2022.

General Phillippe Lavigne, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, emphasized at the opening of the event the importance of niche industry collaboration versus armed conflict by adopting a new mindset as NATO aims to use emerging and disruptive technologies to adapt to military needs.

"Innovation can be found in small and medium-sized companies from all NATO Nations," said General Philippe Lavigne. "The NATO Industrial Advisory Group facilitates helping us find the innovation where it is and proposing to us the relevant and performing open architecture on which we can build lasting capabilities."

Additional conference speakers included Mr. Rudy Priem, NATO Industry Advisory Group Chairman, and Admiral Xavier Païtard, Co-Chair of the ACT-NIAG Community of Interest. The event was organized by Admiral Demirbilek, NATO Allied Command Transformation Assistant Chief of Staff Capability Development.

A short overview of the NIAG Advisory Group

Established in 1968, the NIAG is a high-level consultative body of senior industrialists from Alliance and Partner Nations. It advises NATO and the Conference of National Armaments Directors on critical issues regarding armaments cooperation matters and the industrial and technological base of the Alliance.

NIAG is the simplest and most efficient way for NATO nations and agencies to work with industry. It provides an exchange of ideas and views between 5,000 members from industry and NATO.

These partnerships help NATO find the best way to maintain its technological edge, accelerate the implementation of new technologies and processes, accelerate the transformation of the Alliance's posture, and deliver the most critical capabilities as soon as possible.

Entitled the "voice of industry" of the Alliance, the NATO Industry Advisory Group is an integral part of the Alliance's instrument of power through its industrial defense base..

In addition, the Allied Command for Transformation facilitates collaboration through the Collaborative Interaction Framework, which enables the exchange of ideas and solutions between ACT and industry in a non-procurement manner.

Various tools available through the "ACT-NIAG Framework" deliver industry advice from technical to strategic levels using its toolset offering three categories of support: studies, access to the NIAG Industrial Network and representation in exercises and workshops. The Conference introduced the ACT-NIAG Framework toolset, provided case studies from 2021, and discussed the future of prototyping in 2023 and beyond.