ROMARM military equipment was showcased at the anniversary event organized by the Special Operations Forces

ROMARM, the official representative of the Romanian defence industry attended the anniversary ceremony of the Special Operations Forces

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Special Operations Forces Command hosted an exhibition at Târgul Mureș in cooperation with the national and international defence industry. From 28 February to 2 March 2023, in the Medieval Fortress of Târgu Mureș, there were presentations of techniques and equipment specific to the Special Operations Forces, many of the products showcased are manufactured exclusively in Romania, in ROMARM subsidiaries.

ROMARM, the official representative of the Romanian defence industry attended the anniversary ceremony of the Special Operations Forces

Some of ROMARM's range of military equipment were displayed at the anniversary event organised by the Special Operations Forces.

The exhibition of ammunition and weapons manufactured by ROMARM subsidiaries, Mija Mechanical Plant, Tohan, Plopeni Mechanical Plant, Carfil, Cugir Weapons Factory and UPS Dragomirești was one of the attractions of the event. Among the products exhibited, NATO compatible equipment was very attractive, being commercialized both internally, to the Romanian Army, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and externally, to various partners in Europe, USA, Africa or Asia.

On the last day of the event, an impressive ceremony was held with over 400 military personnel and more than 30 technical assets, including aircraft, military helicopters and tanks. The Moreni Mechanical Plant exhibited the Saur 2 armored personnel carrier, which could be tested by both the military and the general audience.

The Special Operations Forces, highly esteemed nationally and internationally

One of the highlights of the March 1 ceremony was the parachuting of the Romanian, NATO and Special Operations Forces flags. The event was attended by high-level state officials from both The Romanian Government, representatives of central and local authorities, as well as generals and admirals from the leadership of the central structures of MApN, as well as active, reserve and retired military personnel from FOS structures and other structures of MApN. Romania's Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, President of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu, Minister of Internal Affairs Lucian Bode, Minister of National Defence Angel Tîlvăr, Chief of Defence Staff General Daniel Petrescu and Commander of the Special Operations Forces Command Major General Dacian Tiberiu Șerban celebrated the moment together with the Special Operations Forces and representatives of the Romanian defence industry.

Romanian Government supports the modernisation process of the Romanian Army and the local defence industry

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă underlined the role of the Special Forces in guaranteeing national security and that he wants to continue to support the modernisation of the Romanian Army, emphasizing the fact that "the increase of the percentage of GDP for defence to 2.5% has a considerable contribution also for the provision of modern military equipment and technique".

March 1, 2023 was celebrated by ROMARM, organizers and guests in a special way and relevant to the importance of the moment, this being a significant moment in the history of the Romanian Army, marking the establishment in Targu Mures of the 1st Special Forces Battalion, the first special operations structure in the country.

The event was a success, which truly honoured the 20th anniversary of the Special Operations Forces Targu Mures. We would like to express our gratitude for the interest shown by the Romanian Government in the local defence industry companies and for the special support of the ROMARM team.