Memorandum of Understanding with ASELSAN

Memorandum of Understanding with ASELSAN, a giant in the Turkish armaments industry

ROMARM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ASELSAN, una dintre cele mai mari companii din industria de apărare turcă. Protocolul s-a desfășurat în cadrul Târgul SAHA EXPO Defense and Aerospace de la Istanbul, cel mai important eveniment de profil din Turcia. Memorandumul a fost semnat de Prof Dr Haluk Gorgun, CEO companiei ASELSAN și Gabriel Țuțu, Directorul General ROMARM.  

The agreement foresees the development of cooperation in the field of smart munitions. To this purpose, the parties will set up working groups and exchange military technology.

ASELSAN is one of the top 100 defence companies in the world

ASELSAN is one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence industries due to its high production capacity and cutting-edge technology. The company is ranked as one of the top 100 defence industry companies in the world.

ASELSAN is operating in the fields of design, development, production, systems integration and after-sales services for military communication systems, radar systems, electronic warfare systems, photoelectric systems, navigation systems, aircraft electronic systems, weapon systems, command control communication systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, marine systems, UAV systems and toll and traffic collection systems.

ASELSAN provides defence technologies for the Turkish Armed Forces. In addition, the Company exports systems and solutions to customers in other countries or is involved in civilian projects. ASELSAN products are essential for communications, radars, sensors or other defence systems to enhance competencies within the industrial sector.

ROMARM objectives can be accomplished through partnership and technology transfer with ASELSAN

This MoU will allow ROMARM to take over from Turkish manufacturers the technology for manufacturing smart ammunition, such as projectiles of various calibres used for air defence or even Piranha 5 transporters. Piranha V armored personnel carrier..

The main objective of ROMARM S.A. National Company is to become again in the short term a strong company, anchored in the trends in the field of ammunition manufacturing and military technology, but also to transfer know-how by promoting its own services and products, of high quality and with a high degree of flexibility, leading to the satisfaction of a larger segment of the market. To this end, the company's policy is aimed at upgrading the industrial facilities in the subsidiaries and developing innovative, integrated technologies for the production of special products for civil or military use, which will be subject to know-how transfer on a commercial scale or which can remain as single or small series products with significant added value.