Romanian-Turkish partnership opportunities within ICDDA 2022

ROMARM attended the Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense & Aerospace conference on 12-14 October in Ankara, Turkey

One of the most exciting conferences for defence industry stakeholders took place this month in Turkey. Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense (ICDDA) is an important event for the Turkish defense industry, hosted with the support of the Turkish Defense Industry Agency (SSB) and Ministry of Trade of Turkey. ICDDA is a thematic conference with exhibition space, dedicated to industrial, scientific, commercial and technical innovations in the defence and aerospace industry.

This year's ICDDA 2022 gathered companies responsible for procurement, supply chains, major suppliers or manufacturers and industry stakeholders. Along with leading international organisations, the conference was attended by several local companies relevant to the Romanian defence industry .

B2B meetings at the highest level

During the three-day event, in an exclusive B2B setting, there were high-level conferences, workshops, the famous OEM procurement and supply system policy sessions. All of this was an opportunity to discover what's fresh in the market, share experiences and learn from the world's leading companies about supply system strategy.
The event managed to bring together more than 1000 people, namely entrepreneurs, SMEs, decision makers from the defense industry and was an ideal framework for:

Business opportunities for ROMARM

From ROMARM's side, the ICDDA'22 conference set the framework for new Romanian-Turkish business opportunities.

On the second day of the event, the ROMARM team had the opportunity to hold a session dedicated to companies looking for collaborations or business opportunities. The discussion highlighted the mutual and long-term benefits of working with Turkish partners. Thus, ROMARM management is interested in a partnership with Turkish manufacturers to take over the technology for manufacturing ammunition such as missiles of different calibers used for air defense or even Piranha 5 carriers.

According to Romarm's Director General, Gabriel Țuțu, this potential partnership will be of real benefit to Romanian Army, because it will satisfy the demand for specialized ammunition, which can only be implemented quickly through technology transfer.

Benefits of participating in ICDDA

The fifth edition of the Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aerospace was an outstanding business event dedicated to manufacturing and supply chain oriented companies for contractors and suppliers to network in a preset and prolific B2B setting to discuss business or start new partnerships.

ROMARM's participation in this international exhibition-conference was an extraordinary opportunity to promote the potential of its branches and the Romanian defense industry.

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