On tracks

Dragor de mine DMT-85-M1

Total weight             43t

Engine           Diesel, 8 cilindri, 860 CP

Travel speed        62 km/h

Dredging depth     300 mm

Dredging speed     7-12 km/h

Width of the dredged portion         3900 mm

Longitudinal gradient   32°

Cross slope           17 °

Non-hazardous bend radius   65 m

The width of the antitank crossed ditch     2,8 m

Max. load of the crane           6,5 t



Fire remote control platform, equipped with thermal chamber

Equipment possibilities

-machine gun cal.7,62  mm  or 12,7  mm (east)

-machine gun cal.7,62 mm or 12,7 mm NATO

-electric fire giving

-device for the first cocking with electric control

-installation for launching of fumigant shells